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Betting Betano test and rating

Betano has been around 2018 only available in Germany, however as a callback service, a strong placement on the level about events or partnerships with VfB Stuttgart look very positive with great care.

In particular, the Bundesliga observer's attention might be known to's name: After all, youth bets are now acting as advertising partners of VfB Stuttgart for a while.

In addition to the steep these new betting providers, our sports experts offer climbs all basic betting regular Betano tests in addition to undergo.

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  • Hundreds of options in the market
  • Best market odds
  • Free live streaming and removal
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  • Hundreds of options in the market
  • Best market odds
  • Free live streaming and removal
First deposit bonus
  • Hundreds of options in the market
  • Best market odds
  • Free live streaming and removal
First deposit bonus
  • Hundreds of options in the market
  • Best market odds
  • Free live streaming and removal
First deposit bonus
  • Hundreds of options in the market
  • Best market odds
  • Free live streaming and removal
First deposit bonus
  • Hundreds of options in the market
  • Best market odds
  • Free live streaming and removal
First deposit bonus
  • Hundreds of options in the market
  • Best market odds
  • Free live streaming and removal
First deposit bonus
  • Hundreds of options in the market
  • Best market odds
  • Free live streaming and removal
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  • Hundreds of options in the market
  • Best market odds
  • Free live streaming and removal
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            But who Betano at all?

            Betano evaluation and test results:

            Online Bookie – nicht mit seinem Namensvetter in Osttimor verwechselt werden – ist die Schwestermarke Riese griechischen Wettanbieter Stoiximan.

            Stoiximan, in the season 2018/19 among other things the main sponsor of the Greek football champions Olympiakos Piraeus on the, was in Deutschland Tipico – einer der größten Wettanbieter im Land.

            Betano evaluation and test results:

            • Die Chancen Betano
            • Betano betting offer
            • Betano bet life
            • Payment to the Betano betting account 5.) Payment of the victory in Betano
            • Customer service Betano
            • Website of Betano
            • Neukundenbonus Bethany
            • safety: How serious is Betano?
            • Our experience with betting providers
            • Betano It shows, that put a huge amount of knowledge behind

            Friends of sports betting, basically, but still very different things for:

            YOUR TEXT

            How widespread is Betano's betting program, how good are the chances of betano and how high is betano necundary bonus? And Betano ever legitimate?

            This is an important question, the drives company tipster. We did this for the following reasons and give answers to Betano prep course.

            Betano: Our experience with betting providers

            Experience summarized in the following detailed review, who made our test center to bet with Betano providers in every category of tests in the past year.

            To make the article easier to read 10 To ensure shared tests, the one and rated one by one.

            Die Betano Chancen

            Die Möglichkeiten für die Liebhaber von Sportwetten ist ein sehr wichtiger Indikator – möglicherweise am Ende das Wichtigste.

            YOUR TEXT

            The reason is clear: For the existing capital used to be the highest profit possible.

            That is why we always have a very close and critical look at the possibility, Wetten – und so, Naturally, in Betano.

            In our test phase we see, that the new entrants bookie quotas employ a very good price:

            Bundesliga Deutschland – Deutschlands Haupttätigkeitsbereiche Tipper logisch – ist der Schlüssel für ein sattes 96-Prozent-Niveau. That is the value, that is really good!

            And also with the English Premier League game is guaranteed. There are also key payouts from 96 percent.

            It is common practice for high-level lock down, despite the importance of their league games or falls. No different in Betano.

            YOUR TEXT

            But before the people tipsters, which as some of the major leagues play away some concerns should be noted, that the performance gap is quite small.

            example: In the first division league games in key Ethiopia there is still a whopping 91 percent level.

            And the Ethiopian Premier League is certainly not a big increase in German betting community activities.

            But the league games in the top group of Romania, in der Liga Betano – eigentlicher Hauptsponsor – es gibt eine sehr hohe Niveau. Here the payout button is full 95 percent.

            Thus, the contingent is in the top group of Romanian football

            a) higher than in many online-established bookies in the top leagues in Europe and
            b) only his own odds of at least the Champions League (96%) to see.

            Shows, that chance, really great in!

            Die zweiten großen Fußball-Ligen – so Kommende Spiele der spanischen Laliga des Schlüssel von 96 Prozent – sowie die der deutsche Sportwette Gemeinschaft ist nicht genug Fokus, just like Romania or even Ethiopia.

            A high degree is not limited to football, sondern auch in anderen Sportarten zu finden – wie im Eishockey.

            YOUR TEXT

            Comparison of possible uses

            Playing with the puck very popular in winter with typists in Germany and therefore we take a quota under the microscope.

            In den NHL-Spiel Betano bieten den Kunden – und jeder, der sein will – ein Schlüssel Quoten von rund 93 percent. The same applies to the games of the DEL and the Russian KHL.

            This contingent was Betano, but also for example in a sport, in which two-way betting is offered, be it in tennis or basketball betting (NBA).

            Another advantage of the Betano option is an offer 0% -Quotenmarge! So absolute maximum chance Betano guaranteed!

            The Betano betting offer

            The second important cornerstone of the company's betting is line betting.

            Hardly surprising, because you want, aber eine Menge Möglichkeiten haben – nicht nur in der „Disziplin des Königs“ Fußballs, but, if necessary, in sports or other categories, such as betting companies.

            In this wish is fulfilled! Betting program basically offered, what is desired by a friend tip skew.

            “Classics” like soccer, Tennis, ice Hockey, Basketball und Volleyball Fixpunkte bleiben – ohne dass dies – aber anders als das es eine Menge andere Sportarten Betano Angebot hat.

            YOUR TEXT

            Motorsport (formula 1, Rallye, motorcycles, speedway) of martial arts like boxing and MMA, there are other categories like cycling, table tennis, Water polo, Badminton, Rugby, Darts and cricket.

            It also bets, that lifestyle, where possible, to Oscar or song contest for typing. In addition to Betano also a political participation in the repertoire.

            eSports Wetten: A very important department is also found in the Betano betting offer!

            Betting game has enjoyed great popularity in and adopted them, that the interest is a little bigger than the smaller ones. Betano is now one of the top providers.

            Despite everything, the focus is on soccer betting. Betano offers a very wide range here.

            From the big European leagues, like Germany and the UK, where the bets go up to the fourth game of the class or even a fifth (or even decrease) Area, a selection of interesting Americans to Africa and Asia.

            In the "whole world" are under the league other game from Ethiopia, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Bangladesh, India and Qatar listed.

            For the sake of completeness regardless of wealth, but also mentioned, that it is an online betting company, that has more commandments. For the lower performance class, for example in Brazil and the second division in Iran did not exist on Betano.

            Who complained at a very high level, finally Betano too far from it. That's why: The football betting Betano is very detailed and has to make more than fit for the high demands of more.

            The only bet bet, it doesn't look much different. There was also a good choice.

            YOUR TEXT

            The scale is usually less here tennis bets Grand Slam and ATP and WTA tournaments, but these options in the lowlands of each sport. Very big in this Betano!

            Challenger tournaments and ITF level offered almost entirely throughout the year.

            Friends of hockey betting’ll find Betano.

            like Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic (ie big hockey nations) – Neben der NHL, the KHL and DEL and all European leagues can be found in one assortment. It is also that of France and even Hungary.

            It's all in the crowd, so that, even if they bet operators placed even better in the ice hockey field.

            lower performance classes like DEL 2 MHL Russia and VHL not found in Betano.

            Betano, on the other hand, scores well in social and political operations.

            Here the offer was very spacious for comparison with some of the more well known competitors. If you like typing away from sports, certainly raised quite well in Betano.

            Betting Betano Life

            In the age of the internet, that the biggest boom in sports live betting areas has been made in recent years, can betting market.

            With smartphones and tablets, it is always possible, to develop. With this knowledge, it is not surprising, that Betano put great focus on live betting.

            The range of Betano is really impressive. Because of the very wide range of betting, the quality of life is reflected in the betting.

            disability, New entrants in the segment betting providers have live bets, are mainly in the technical area. Here, like Bet365 or Betfair, Bookie giant is much better positioned.

            However, Betano's live betting center offers is quite interesting.

            YOUR TEXT

            • The fifth most popular sport in Betano live betting:
            • Soccer
            • Tennis
            • hockey
            • Basketball
            • Handball
            • Overview of all events, die nur finden happen – fein säuberlich von Sport sortiert.

            "Favorites" can be, As the name indicates, a favorite look was created and calendar life, that still works that day.

            An important criterion in the life course of betting opportunities.

            Betting in most companies, it is the case, that the possibility of live betting against a pre-match bet is about 2 Prozent fiel – nicht anders im Wesentlichen.

            Live betting bets compared
            The advantages of Betano compared to other providers are clear here: Since the rate is already very good, before the show started, and then the button no chance of survival will drop drastically.

            A live audio stream Betano doesn't offer.

            Payments to your Betano betting account

            The bad news: Betano only offer a small selection of deposit options.

            The good news: The main variants are provided. This is a credit card, paysafecard, PayPal, Bank transfer and Skrill.

            What options are available for making a deposit into your Betano betting account, displayed on the website at the bottom.

            YOUR TEXT

            Question mark icon

            However, some questions remain: There is a limit? There is a price? How long is the deposit??

            All of this is only visible, when opening an account with Betano. It is understandable, that you want to know before opening an account, wenn es zum Beispiel Kosten oder nicht – und wenn ja, how high they are.

            In a nutshell: the cost of the deposits there (no matter, how to deposit in the betting account Betano) to.

            Payment of the victory in Betano

            As Betano payment options offered are the same, as they were in the money transfer.

            The reason for this is: No payments are processed based on their method of payment being paid in. Paid with a credit card will be paid with a credit card.

            Exceptions are PaySafeCard. Who pays for this prepaid card, the cash can be in the order by bank transfer.

            While other betting providers offer a variety of payment options, around Betano limited to the most important.

            For the most part, it was fine, and for example they prefer Neteller to choose another payment method.

            YOUR TEXT

            Icon thumbs down

            However, one disadvantage is, that there are only eight free withdrawals per month. The ninth withdrawal fees may apply: Via Skrill 2% by Bank transfer 5%.

            Es ist auch eine ernsthafte Schnitte – und, as usual, indeed more so- because of the cost, which the bonds are mentioned, but only after consultation via Live Chat comes to light.

            Betano customer service

            Try customer service Betano, to compete immediately with the major airlines.

            Only in this way can a year and 24 hours a day, Live-Chat-Dienste, that 365 Days explained. Because they still work quite reliably, this is a definite plus.

            In addition to this Betano can of course also be accessed via email. Just send an email to and ready to send. The response time is pretty short.

            There is no hotline in Betano (so bad), but the offer of a recall (how much). Because it is an advantage, that should be arrested here for wasting time.

            Callback works, is simple: Fill out the registration form and the desired callback will be in office hours 10-22 Clock. In our tests this works perfectly!

            The FAQ section is available and the questions abound. The only downside to the FAQ section is, that you lose track quickly and had to look a little longer to fit the question.

            YOUR TEXT

            Betano website

            The Betano website is big at first sight. Very modern and clear and convincing through function.

            Veranstaltungen auf über den beworbenen Tag ist – in der Regel ein Fußballspiel – in der linken Spalte, in the middle of the main events, program bets days along with the possibility, and the right measures or betting slips can be found.

            A little bit complicated and confusing, if you keep clicking on a bit:

            Detailed icon

            It's nice, that one of the big leagues nominated by the "soccer" and different soccer whole divided (e.g.. Europa – der wichtigsten Wettbewerb, Europa – ein weiteren Wettbewerb, American, etc) …

            But for example you click on "English", then in the left column there are subcategories, but in the middle of the screen, the entire line of open British bookmakers.

            YOUR TEXT

            It started with the Premier League, but they're looking like a game of championship, League One und League Two, need to move first or click on the gray bar, so that the respective league "close".

            Others definitely have settled bets better

            The problem is, sees far how, for example, tennis is managed differently and better.

            Here opens, when you click on a tennis submenu, wo jeder Kategorie – ATP, WTA, Challenger, etc. – wird angezeigt.

            Well designed, however, the topic is special bets. That is all the way to the right near the top of the column, even before the actual betting program.

            In the "Today's Games" can be sorted on the day of the football games using a filter in a game or competition to get a better picture.

            Will be an improved betting slip.

            Is moving, if you scroll to the bottom of screen no. To see, such as the re-election through odds or winning a bet a need to change the potential.

            Neukundenbonus Bethany

            A very important aspect is the betting account when making a deposit.

            Tipper often just decided, precisely because of this money "welcome gift" for Bookie. In Betano quality new customer bonus should be enough, to be seen as an argument for registration.

            Die erste Einzahlung wird verdoppelt – die maximale Menge, that comes as a bonus to your betting account, 100 Euro. From this point the ball moves ordinary rookie bookie.

            However, there is something special: For a deposit of 20 € and enter the coupon code "Maxsport" there is one 10 € free bet at the top!

            YOUR TEXT

            Coin icon

            Now what Betano is a special bonus: The bonus is only credited to your betting account, when the first deposit has been made.

            When the first deposit has been implemented, 1x, it is definitely a bonus. It should be 5x minimum level of 1,65 is used. And within 90 Days.

            In fact, there are definitely some lucrative bonus offers on the sports betting market, but also much more complex and difficult.

            safety: How serious is Betano?

            Betano can bet new and fresh faces in the sport of its industry, it will not be a question of an unsuspecting newcomer.

            Schließlich besaß Betano Ineractive GML Ltd – sowie Wettanbieter Stoiximan Riesen, which is roughly comparable in Germany to Greece in Tipico.

            YOUR TEXT

            Stoiximan among other sponsors of the Greek champions Olympiacos Piraeus football.

            Betano, on the other hand, has had since summer 2018 appear as advertising partner of the German Bundesliga club VfB Stuttgart and is also the main sponsor of the Champions League Handball.

            Talk besides promotional activities, the heavy bet Betano provider operated from Austria as well, and that he still has a Maltese gaming license.

            Benefits icon

            Another plus for Betano is that no bookmaker takes the problem of gambling addiction very seriously:

            On the one hand a lot of information about responsible games on websites, on the other hand Betano customers the opportunity, To set limits.

            Our experience with betting providers Betano

            Betano has only recently entered the sports betting industry, but the benefits are quickly realized: A bet, very broad program, as well as an excellent opportunity, working with well-tried and customer service.

            It is also a website, which is visually appealing, as well as the bonus can be classified in full order.

            We want Betano to be good

            Strength Betano:

            • Icon Plus offer extensive use with many different sports
            • Icon Plus a very high level of betting odds
            • Callback Service Icon Plus in the area of ​​customer care, um Live-Chat
            • Plus deposit icon selection is limited, aber das wichtigste hier – und darüber hinaus frei
            • The tests showed us, dass die Jugend Bookie viel Recht mit griechischen Verbindungen jetzt gemacht – bringen Betano abwechselnd zu empfehlen.

            A slight disadvantage, The understandable novice is also basically to be ignored

            YOUR TEXT


            With betting providers Betano completely new wind came again in the sports betting industry. As Betano shows from our experience, it is good, Bookie for an Austrian company, whose roots are in Tumeltsham, Austria. The business operations, but runs over Malta, so here officially approved by the Malteser Lotteries and Gaming Authority can be served.

            But the focus of the party, after our review, especially to German customers from home and neighboring Germany. But the betting provider is also very interesting for the market here is really disturbing? We had the whole thing just look below and Betano Test tells you, how smart bets are really placed.

            Not to read the time with a detailed evaluation? Here is the direct link: Cash now Betano and 110 € Bonus

            Betting Offer: Experience Gathered in Wide Betano

            Perhaps the most interesting aspect in Betano's test is of course for fans of sports line betting betting. Here we summarize the positive bet is about 25 Disciplines in any case. The basic requirements for a great time with him, because it was at all. Top of the range is the sport of soccer, Tennis, ice Hockey, Basketball and volleyball, which can be described as the most popular discipline. Also found in the offer, but exotics like water polo, for example, Rugby Union, Futsal- and badminton. You can also go to political elections, Set eSports like Counter-Strike and League of Legends or entertainment, for example in a television show.

            YOUR TEXT

            They can also be praised in the depths. A large selection, especially in football, even if it doesn't bet in football amateurs we have experienced here. but the top professional leagues in more than 50 Countries with. In addition, some relied on the in every single game 300 Betting markets available. So the selection is huge here and remained ready in addition to the three-way betting and betting disability or Asian market. In a nutshell: We have to convince providers, to offer this bet.


            A customer, of course also made his Austrian typist available. You can contact the staff here in a different way. In our view, the best option is live chat, the 365 Can be used days a year. always 10 to 22 Clock, Employees can get German spoken here at any time. An alternative, which can also be withdrawn. Here customers can only leave their number and date, that you want, where the bets will then be logged. It is also important to note in this context, that the recall only 22.10 Clock.

            The third variant of the group is, Support per E-Mail. It's almost done around the clock, with to say, but a couple of hours of waiting should be considered. Germany spoken here, of course, Betano also reported our staff in a very friendly and helpful manner in every respect.


            We also examined in Betano reviewing the course choices available payment methods. This can be seen particularly positively, that dispenses with a- and payment of fees by the bookies. Who pays ten euros like this, shouldn't worry, that there could be a few less important ones in his betting account. Euro ten at the same time also a minimum amount, which must be taken in hand in the deposit. offered for completing the various payment options. Neteller is not available in Betano, bietet jedoch ein Haus Paypal – das ist eine große Sache ist. Mit PaySafeCard, Moneybookers, Credit card or instant transfer other good alternatives available.

            with the exception of PaySafeCard, die nur für Einlagen verwendet werden können – wenn es um die Auszahlung eines Wettkontos kommt, also called Betano deposit options. However, every tipster should note the objection, that should be used in every correct method of removal, will be paid into your betting account. Even before the first withdrawal is possible, the customer must provide a copy of an official identification document.

            YOUR TEXT

            SAFETY: NEVER WITHOUT a concern

            Of course there is the possibility, many typists a lot behind Betano with Betkick Wetten Service GmbH an Austrian company. That brings a lot of self-confidence, Especially in Betano contacts, of course, all relevant data and contact points can be found. The licensing of bets is much more important here, issued by the Malta Lotteries and Gaming Authority. This authority ensures, dass die Bookie alle Regeln des Spiels stoppen – und das funktioniert mit unserer Erfahrung war sehr gut.

            In addition, the betting providers, For example, customers are very concerned about privacy and sensitive data. Also, every time they deposit transact, the data will only be transferred, if encrypted. So no need to worry about here. In the rest of Betano underlines the seriousness and through a partnership with VfB Stuttgart and in the EHF Champions League Handball.

            Betting odds: DEAL WITH SEVERAL MAJOR

            Portfolio betting is not just a versatile betting market, but also many interesting options. In general you can say, that the bookie has a ratio of about 93-94 Percent keys. It is also used in many sports, on the margin of 0 Percent, so the opportunities in the air are offered again. This means, for example in football, Basketball oder Volleyball Fall – aber nur eine Wette vor dem Beginn des Spiels platziert. All in all, there is no reason, not to be satisfied with the performance. Instead, you can stay in Betano and believe, that you won't be ripped off compared to other betting providers.

            USE OF THE WEBSITE: easy, aber CLEAR

            YOUR TEXT

            100 Percent as modern web pages cannot always be referred to compared to some competitors. In general, we tend to, to have to do it, after our Betano experience with a simple homepage, but what is the operation in terms of being quite cheap. So wagering reasonable space is used, and a lot of important information about the offer or betting has already been presented on the starter set.

            Different sports can be found on the left, find a variety of actions on the right. Various filter functions can also be used, and also use the search function. This makes it possible, discover a special portfolio for individual events and place a bet on it later. Problems or clicks, that lead to nothing, not here. In this case there is a good rating, although it is certainly a little more still could be invested in optics.

            YOUR TEXT


            Directly from the homepage you can change the live betting section in Betano. Im Menü mit einem kleinen Flash markiert – und Wetten sind hier geschlagen. The action and excitement that live betting area can guarantee are enjoyed in the games, that are offered around the clock. It could also be, underline the offer here, because almost all disciplines can be found in a portfolio of pre-match live centers. So you can always have a life in football, Bet handball and tennis.

            An event, its obvious: The complete portfolio bet with the flow of life. Means, that you are in some of the games directly with us and you can bet game display before or after the broadcast. Of course, it helps to improve the bet itself and the quality of life, that very big center. Transfer is not available, animated graphics may remain forced, that can be a process on the court, how well understood. So, it could make worse tippers good here.

            OTHER: SOME PROMOTION for loyal customers

            Betano just concentrate and so for example, there are no casino games, Poker or the like can only be covered on sports betting, here. However, there are some bids for sports betting customers in the betting. Of course, this also includes the price range already mentioned, which is negligible in many competitions. It can also be found, but can be used as a combo bonus in the portfolio, which will benefit from some bets.

            Losses will be refunded 0 New in the portfolio is thinking about it, two goals in the lead: Cashback for boring games is also available in the event 0 to disposal. When a team leads in football with two goals, The bet could be the beginning of the cashed out with full benefits. In addition, it can be at any time, that for example under certain actions, the Betano free bet or can be found in such an offer.

            LIMITS FOR SPORTS BETTING: most suitable and cheapest new students

            YOUR TEXT

            In the area there are limits for Betano we have no reason, learn to criticize the provider. But on the contrary: Who is new and would like to go first with a low bet, can do this on a bet of 0,20 Euros are made per bet. A decent level, should get along well with every tipster. Who wants more, pay attention to the maximum limits set, these vary depending on the sport and competition. At best, on 300.000 Euros in the Bundesliga, in the Dutch Eredivisie, can be redeemed there at maximum 150.000 Euro – und dies sollte ausreichen, but be the bottom line.


            All tippers from Germany should know, Steuer watches their sports betting. German betting betting tax with a tax rate of five percent. Some bookmakers then pass these costs directly on to their customers, and only pull for continued use of five percent. Betano, however, is a slightly different approach. The stakes have, To pay taxes, only if you have successfully maintained your deployment. In this case, five percent will be deducted from the prize money. For example, win with a bet of 50 euro and 100 Euro a ratio of 2,00, five euros will be deducted and payment will be made at 95 Euro. In this case, it is by the way, Naturally, no matter, whether you place bets on a computer or with the Betano mobile app.

            Our conclusion Betano

            YOUR TEXT

            In the future we might still have a lot to hear with this bet for Betano. Austria makes an interesting portfolio available and scores with a variety of campaigns for existing customers. New customers would not fall by the wayside either, but up to an interesting welcome bonus 110 Euro look forward. Another highlight is our Betano experience outside of the live stream for various sports.

            So essentially a real deal, where so far only a small weakness can be found. Which also seems like a betting company, which is why we are still a satisfactory result here to be a stumbling block for reviews.

            General Info & registration

            With Betano you can find other providers in our detailed betting analysis. Betano has represented on the German market since 2016 and is managed by more Betkick Austria. So I can promise you the highest reliability, but what my other Betano experience? Not only bets offered and excellent customer service make Betano wide for more than a secret.
            explain your registration step by step
            Registration is quick, safe and simple has long been the standard, and thus create your own user account at Betano in just a few steps. You should do and pay attention:

            YOUR TEXT

            Bonus & VIP program

            Welcome bonus

            To greet the German Betano 100% gegeben – Bonus je Ersteinzahlungssumme zwischen 10 and 100 €. In addition there is 10 € free bet with BETANOSWV10 our bonus code, if you at least 20 Deposit €. In order to unlock accordingly you must first invest in the number as real even in sports with a quota of 1.65 betting. After that, the current rollover, using a double bonus, so deposit and the bonus amount of five starts. For the maximum amount of 100 € this means a total turnover of € 1.000 within 90 Days.

            Unfortunately, less control over the customer-friendly Betano bonus then says, that you are only allowed to gamble with cash bonus, when you empty cash account. Payments not yet allowed, so it means, that you lose everything, before you even come close you get a bonus. This provision but rarely I can bonus picture in betting is often a great seller than Betano and if so, mit Rollover-Friendly. See Make Welcome Bonus only as a second chance. No matter, whether you win immediately or you will lose everything and filling can be liberating.

            YOUR TEXT

            From an initial deposit of 50 €, in addition to the sports betting bonus, but also 200 Free spins on Betano Casino on Top! And the best thing about it? All winnings from the free spins will be credited to your account immediately and unconditionally, further sales than money! Gratis-Spins in 100 Free spins shared on the 'Age of the Gods' game, and 100, which are credited on Monday each week after your first deposit is worth 25 Free spins for a 'starburst'.

            VIP & Loyalty program

            A classic VIP offer or loyalty program is not available for Betano, but one or two extras. First Betano and then offers a "mission" for in my case for example for one 10- € free bet. For this purpose I have five bets on one betting slip for at least 10 € on the possibility of 2,0. The mission is activated in the free betting account. Then Betano pays special attention to combination bets. If tid possible combination bonus bets you can combine five to ten betting pools given and received, depends on the amount of up to 50% more profit. The combined measures go in the other direction and donate up to 25 back € will be used, if only one bet is wrong in a combination of large bets. Interesting is also included (with restrictions) Promotions, you return for a goalless draw commitment in tip wrong results and trends then triumphed, when a team leads with two goals.

            YOUR TEXT

            Betting offer

            Focus on soccer and outright bets

            Bets range from Betano to meet my requirements and can be described as excellent. German soccer, including the possibility of the game's top leagues and even the third league still being average 160 Betting options available. Different leagues and competitions are dismantled and easily accessible from the drop down controls. The top of the game, like in the Premier League, which in some cases by more than 300 Represent betting markets. Above all long-term and special bet fun and challenging analyst with you. Especially on a bet like this, I found more in Betano than the competition. Nice then with your darling bets You can use them as favorites and filters by the type of bet, like cards, easily save a disability or half time. In offering more betting there are of course all major sports of tennis, Handball and basketball. In this test, Betano almost got me 30 sports. While many may not be "exotic" correctly, but the bet is already a regular one for greyhound racing and bowl?

            E-sports and entertainment, Statistics and live score

            YOUR TEXT

            Forgiven while abstaining from Netball, can now be lost in any case, e-sports. Here you are presented to Betano but the basic program for sports weather. Real esports fans have linked bets to this particular provider. But the choice of counter-strike: GO, League of Legends, DOTA 2, Hearthstone, Overwatch and Starcraft meet the needs of many. There are also Betano's various special bets on politics and entertainment, that's always a fun way, you haven't been too busy for weeks. much more important, because a lot of the statistics, including the results of the archive, where you can get a few clicks of valuable information for future bets. Here you can not offer much more even a large football magazine. Also worth mentioning is a wonderful ability to filter for top bets and a practical choice for a low level. So I came here both on the offer- and successful betting round for amateurs and professionals.


            The transition to live betting fluent Betano and has always been recognized as a flash. According to information from live event offered more than each year 150.000, the about 400 a day is, is also covered with my Betano experience. Here you can live all upcoming events and plan accordingly, and I've seen it better implemented in the competition. After the game is broadcast live, will change the design for the dark tone and a little unsightly least for me. Unfortunately there is no optical signal, if tariff change. You can put together your own conference favorites here, and as soon as you have the game again, they also choose to track the mini-pitch in 2D or 3D with the latest information. More statistics and betting options will be opened, will open the "Super Live" category. Here you can predict the game situation over the next few minutes of the game, for example, corner or throw-in. They hovered towards the direction of gambling, but all the more interesting.

            YOUR TEXT

            Betting odds & Features

            Betano's outstanding quota level and benefits here are clearly based on the popularity of the provider. Where small bookies have significantly suppressed the rate, especially in some of Betano's leading markets, remained essentially constant at the upper limit. I have bothered to calculate the key figures and exemplary 10 Sekunden 1×2-Wetten auf Spiele der Bundesliga und Handicap-Wettkonto im mexikanischen Baseball entwickeln. The result was 95,55 / 95,11 / 91,89 / 93,13 / 93,83 / 92,96 / 95,12 / 93,55 / 93,60 / 95,04%, which is pretty average 93 , 98%. You can see my experience with the expected summit with more than that 95% and never essentially fall under 91% Betano. This reliability is still impressively surpassed by the "super odds games." Football, Basketball and volleyball games were featured by the "TQ" red circuit or sponsor frequently. Here you get top payout before the whistle on the result bet 100%. So Betano Abolish Income And Deductions You Can Make Profits.

            Paths quote key calculator

            YOUR TEXT

            With this machine you can even calculate the odds of keys to the game. Just give 3 Chance of a home win (1), pull (X), Away win (2) und klicken Sie auf “Berechnen”. Then you will see one or the other key as a percentage and the color bar shows you, how good the value is. The difference between 100% and the baseline is the way margin betting providers.

            Bet functions

            Different features make the difference bet obviously as wagers. Here Betano pretty creative and invite you to experiment. First of all you will of course receive a basic individual, Combi- and system bets, as well as a very interesting "match combo". Here you can find a soccer game and 06.58 individual events combined for total bet. Simply activate the game of slide rule on the right. very helpful then slip bet bet mentor under bets. Enter here, how many events and want to put it and include it choose, how much you want to gain in the rough. The bet mentor then creates a betting slip, you can fulfill exactly this wish. Another gamble feature, you will receive a payout option for the games live in real time, if you want to hedge a bet or surrender. However, only full payment is possible here, no part cashout. When the "jackpot bet" is selected on the game irregular intervals and with a jackpot of 1.000 € (to 500 €) excellent. You have something in this game set and predict, then the three events for the game right. Among them can answer, that all three questions are correct, the jackpot then split. Add to that the application tip separate games, where one 10.000 Win €.

            YOUR TEXT

            On- and withdrawals

            Betano Food promote additional practical information from all payment options and make your payment so very easy. This is the deposit options at Betano with the respective limit:

            • All payment methods at a glance
            • PayPal (15-5000 €)
            • Visa, Mastercard, Maestro (5 to 40.000 €)
            • Right away (5 to 1000 €)
            • Trustly (10 to 30.000 €)
            • paysafecard (5 to 1.000 €)
            • Skrill (5 to 10.000 €)

            All deposits are free and usually your money is immediately available. meet payment options Betano experience, which I claim to be the leading bookmaker. You can pay for both low and high amounts, don't pay the normal fee and don't have to wait for your money unnecessarily long. Notice, that at the beginning you only have bank transfer available and will usually only get your other choice, if you are also about to bring, Have money on Betano on this channel. Every euro paid should then be used at least once, for sports betting, like fair fees, that you can be charged, and you will then review more intensely. Betano strive to make you as quick as possible, to get the money. Therefore, the application is based on the same assessment or at the latest the next day, and you should be fully verified immediately released. Here are all the ways of paying with the respective limit, the processing time including the external duration and costs may be estimated. Here are the rules of the fun, that eight withdrawals per month are always free.

            YOUR TEXT

            Leading account approval

            Betano contact you, when legitimacy is delayed, but he was the best striker all the same, also in the way and then usually have no more effort. Betano undertakes to check, who you are and where your money goes. The latest from the payment of a total of € 2.000, full review program is required for you, sometimes even earlier. Simply open the “verification process” in the user account, where you are guided through a clear three steps and then just drag the documents as an image in the browser to easily recognize files.

            YOUR TEXT

            • step 1: Checking the documents (ID card, passport, Driving license, place of residence, etc.)
            • step 2: Proof of address (Strom, water, Internet or cell phone bill, the last bank statement, Tax returns, an official certificate of residence etc.)
            • step 3: Proof of payment (Progress- and back of credit cards, Bankauszügen, Screenshots of the E-Wallet, etc.)
            • My experience with the one- and payout
            • You can make deposits in Betano quickly and easily. Storage space makes it very easy for you, deposits only take a few minutes.

            I like to try paying in three different ways in my Betano test. First deposit with paysafecard, then through my Skrill account and finally with a credit card. These three payment methods offered by Betano and beyond took him more of a chance, To top up your account.

            Identification or KYC process went amazingly quickly. I can start right away, after the necessary documents too.

            I tried first, paysafecard deposit of 20 € to use. All you need to do is click the button in the upper right shadow screen and you are immediately in the area of ​​the deposit. It is now open in the middle of the screen. The deposit is listed as a sub-item in the "Transactions" menu. Then you have to choose the payment method. The first in my case I wanted to try depositing with paysafecard. It takes place, after you enter the code from my paysafecard with no problems and is very straight forward.

            YOUR TEXT

            After my first payout of the bonus for more 20 € credited it also displayed directly. Second deposit confirmed via Skrill, what I suspected: Betano The process is quick, simple and without possible dangers. All of this makes it a lot of fun to hang out and make the administrative steps necessary for the customer. I tried this time, the 30 Use € deposit Skrill. Deposit is very easy, because it is easy with paysafecard and presents. You just have to get sign in with the correct details from your Skrill account and confirm the payment. Then you can start right away.

            I can withdraw money from my Skrill account. That surprised me a little, Because as a rule, deposits can only ever leave the account with paysafecard as a means of payment during the check. However, I wanted to test it, whether the money was actually able to be transferred from my PaySafeCard Skrill account.

            And lo and behold, after a couple of hours, that I had paid a good amount through PaySafeCard, if Skrill Skrill account deposit well in me. On the one hand, this is of course happy for this early repayment and the lack of problems is a dream. On the other hand, I was a little surprised, when handling the AMLA. After all, only PaySafeCard is not easy to manage as an anonymous payment. So it would be in my case, that someone can be PaySafeCard in the store of purchase and in this way transfer my Skrill account. It is not the intention.

            Overall, the administrative steps, the necessary to do, but at Betano within a few minutes and not for beginners, a form of stress even for experienced players. Definite plus fast processing derived from the KYC process.

            Reliability and security

            YOUR TEXT

            Although Betano has only been there 2016, but has had an excellent reputation since. Here Betano operates from the Austrian company Betkick Wetten Service and under the supervision of GML Interactive Malteser. This makes Betano to the sister site of providers across Greece Stoiximan can make this country known as a sponsor of Olympiacos Piraeus. Betano, in turn, found itself as a premium sponsor of VfB Stuttgart and Hanover 96 and is defined by exposure as a leading betting provider with its own personality. Existing license from Malta underlined their own needs, and the federal government is diligently distributing licenses, Betano will meet all the requirements for a German license today.

            YOUR TEXT

            It is also interesting to Betano to be increasingly positive in itself, For example, in the early stages, the bonus complains of lost and frequently asked questions, that is long. You can find your own floor transparent enough for the German betting tax and very detailed data protection guidelines or safety regulations (here a you 5% every bet won wins). I then primarily used an open approach to player protection, where you can pre-add your own promotional video view on addiction prevention. In the limit of your account can then easily be lost to another period, the use and limits of the deposit, the Session Timer, a reality check, Manage self-exclusion or closure. Once set up, the restriction can be relaxed more quickly than one week after application.

            Service and support

            In terms of customer support Betano then cuts as expected overall. You always have a small "Contact" link in view and in addition to the beginning of Germany live chat on the top right. You can use all the options you want to display the player menu. Both live chat is advertised there as direct support for 24 Hours a day is confusing, but really, on the services in the same breath 8-0 PM mentioned. That could be enough, but what to do in case of problems during the night of the NBA playoffs? Email course lasts, but does not always respond immediately. A hotline They don't offer Betano but have callbacks 22.10 Clock. This is a great add-on service, but also compared to a direct call on your own initiative waiting outside related.

            YOUR TEXT

            What can you still try?, is a special registration form for a new bet single odds and higher betting limits. This must be done no later than three hours before the start of the sporting event. Remote support from trained staff will help you, but you try, Your hand on comprehensive FAQ. impress the in-house blog, checked in the current issues of the world of sports and you can expect, as the help of various predictions. Channel the competition on Facebook and Instagram and YouTube yourself and then step nicely further than many other bets go.

            Operations & Design

            Overall, I like both Germany available on the English website. Betano anders, because some of the new sports providers of traditional design have a little bit of free betting, but not too creative and easily accessible. Nice orange red like the base color too many too many, but the main content with the classic white background and staying serious. I'm quick to use it for smart selection of games and as various filter options. I certainly give Betano a modern look, but somehow I lack a bit of flair. I particularly like it, that always have three important events including action photos as a banner above, where more often monotonous graphics

            YOUR TEXT

            Then I also liked, that clearly delimit the living area, when they suddenly turned here in a dark design. This creates the same, even with a completely different mood with this simple trick, but unfortunately clearly lost due to the borders. It is remarkable, that you should only live in the area of ​​the calendar life, then back to light. It can bleat at a high level, but unfortunately I bet slip review has real substance. This statically remains the right stick and does not scroll with you as almost everywhere. Also, If you 200 Bookmakers have seen and have come down at some point, They have no direct impact on what you are currently viewing. Instead, always turn back. This means, very quickly on problems, which are bothersome and can be so easy to avoid.

            Mobile App

            Sights smartphone cell phone browser

            Who would leave on their desktop computer today, where the stakes are right in the stadium, but just the most fun? I am very happy here, at Betano test again, because you're going to be searched for. First, you can get a website naturally through the mobile browser. The implementation is a great success here. They start automatically in the dark, where the LIVE program design suddenly really appeals to me. Before the game bid, my favorite is still a little brighter. The mobile version of Betano can be overcome much more than just a smartphone, but the development is really intelligent with all functions. You are always within reach, everything is easy to read and the system worked wonderfully menu. My personal highlight was the betting slip, which are minimized as a small button at the bottom right and it always comes back with just one click, no matter how deep I just scrolled.

            YOUR TEXT

            The perfect app for Android and iOS

            After I was very happy here, I then download the actual application installed. It worked well via the App Store or Android directly on the other side. Usually the application's home screen is more or less identical to the browser application, but here I'm surprised again Betano. The design was little changed again to install a handy menu at the bottom. Everything went sensible traces and without the addition of liquid wonderful animation. really practical, but then some new features. This way, favorites can be shown closer and more clearly, "Hot Weather" will take you straight to the most popular picks. You can hold the level again for instant bets and soon also place bets on Android with sound. All of your actions including changing the look can be easily distributed through social networks and keep you up to date via push notifications. For me, this is the perfect app.

            YOUR TEXT

            The Betano Casino variety

            surely welcome startups just need to get in line, there is no suitable sporting event or you just want a few variations, Casino offers from Betano. According to the law, your betting account is strictly separated from your casino account, but you can make the transfer in accordance with the regulations. You can also get Betano bonus for new customers and opening to the casino, but you have to decide on one or the other. In the casino you don't expect much from the game as a specialized provider for them, nearly 400 Games are never explored. Betano then restricted, but only real classics, so the slot machines, Jackpot, Roulette, Black jack and poker. Extraordinary live casino from NetEnt and Playtech is added to well-stocked baccarat and wheel of fortune. Casino area inaccessible to customers in Austria.

            Betano Betting – wie das Unternehmen wetten schlägt?

            Do Betano betting scams or legitimate? These questions go to the next detail: Betano operated by Betkick Wettservice GmbH of Austria. The company works with Interactive GML Limited Malta, so the betting providers have a valid gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority. As part of our Betano we experience some important points recorded under the microscope. This does not only include the delivery of sports betting, but also things like Betano Bonus for new customers and existing ones, Payment methods and support.

            Betting is a leading betano

            YOUR TEXT

            a valid license from Malta and Schleswig-Holstein exists and it is the absolute number one in other countries! Betting deals with responsible games and shows are also very open! VfB Stuttgart and EHF Champions League belong to the partners who speak for financial security!

            Betano Wetten – Betrug oder legitim?

            Betano leading sports betting. The main reason for this is a valid gaming license from Malta, issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. It is the EU license. The MGA is one of the most highly regarded in the field of online gambling. The license will not sports in passing off providers like Betano Betting, but she had a lot to do. For example, betting companies must provide evidence, that they comply with the data protection regulations.

            There are also other global licenses. The most important and at the same time is the latest in Schleswig-Holstein license. Germany tipper license for this is absolute proof of this, that the cans bet and bet in a safe reliable company.

            Protection of players and co.

            YOUR TEXT

            We Betano shows the experience, that customers look transparent, and for what purpose the data is stored and processed. In addition, every bet is a shame, when he deals intensively with responsible gaming. In Betano I know, because there is a separate area on this topic.

            Betting Betano specified limit you can sit independently. In addition, self-test offer bets to detect a possible gambling addiction. Betano also work closely with organizations, the problems with the available gambling addiction. Link to the program Filters for the protection of young people can also be found on the website. The overall concept of integrity and security is so wrong with Sport Betano betting.

            Betano Wetten Bonus: 100% up to 100 €

            No sports bonus for new players in Betano betting. Betano Bonus wears one 100% Bonus up to 100 € for the first deposit. Qualify the minimum deposit for the offer, is 10 Euro. Players are not allowed to deposit there via Skrill. Wir empfehlen hier sowieso PayPal – weil Betano PayPal integriert hat. The payments go so quickly, free and easy retreat.

            YOUR TEXT

            The betting requirements in Betano betting

            Betting conditions Betano fair and underlines the seriousness of sports betting. So Betano Bonus is considered open, the following conditions must be met. Be made from profits before retreating.

            • The first deposit and the bonus must be wagered 5 times
            • The minimum level for sales of 1,65
            • Doubles handicap odds bets on football, Rugby, Handball, Ice hockey and American football are not part of the sale
            • Wagering requirements must be within 90 Days to be met
            • When a player violates the regulations, Bonuses and profits from it can be maintained. Bids described here are also only for customers from Germany. A payment is possible, albeit at every moment, but the remaining bonus then the win bonus will be removed.

            Betano Bonus offers and promotions for existing customers

            In Betano there is not only a bonus for new customers, but also really strong and lots of bonus offers for existing customers. In our eyes, it seems more than normal bonus here. Here are the best bets for existing customers:

            YOUR TEXT

            Odds great game with 0 percent

            Zero percent margin is an action, which is really good, if you yourself, how much value it offers players to understand. Betano always offered for bigger game, in denen sie keinen Spielraum für Wettanbieter im 1×2-Markt haben.

            For example, one 1,97, a 2,00-2,00 Rate, so you get a significantly higher quota of 1,98. This possibility of cutting is even very good compared to other competitions. Who would bet so well with you 0% Margin positioned.

            YOUR TEXT

            Insurance combination

            The combined policy is a good trick for fans of combination bets, because you are using all of the betting combinations between 5 and 10 Combination back, if the combination is lost due to the game. Once again we were very happy with our Betano rating. This is a serious offer of a bet.

            Insurance conditions

            The combined bonus

            If the combination of bonus, that you are sure of, you can think, already there, what's happened. You get a bonus of 10% on 4-station wagon and then up to 50% With 10 get more bets. Since you can win more money for real players and fans of combination bets of course great value every time.

            Combined Bonus Terms

            We are now seeing this offer more and more frequently. In Betano betting on half time bets / Final score and bet score. We want that, because you can also tip risk as a supplement.

            We have the best in the game, where we start with only one goal. Then it can be beautifully changed. This is only part of the action in Betano. existing customers tend to do so, are one of the best bets here!

            Betting bets are offered in Betano

            YOUR TEXT

            The Betano bet made a very good impression. It starts with the selection of the number and movement. Of course, the big players in the industry are like ice hockey, Tennis, Basketball and especially soccer there.

            But in a portfolio of small sports, which is not so much in the middle of the scene. It includes indoor soccer, Water polo or chess. Politics and esports bets are currently very popular to complete the offer.

            But not just the sheer variety of sports, we believe in this bet. And of course there are all competitions, Leagues and Co. Of course football crowd clearly in the lead. There is no known relevant only top league in Europe, but also the league at the end of the world.

            Otherwise very strong, the number of bets per incident. In the Bundesliga alone, it is less than per game 200 Betting available as usual. For other sports, the customer doesn't have to worry.

            For example, some leagues from all over the world also become futsal- discussed. Esport game represented all known areas. These include Counter Strike, Halo, FIFA and many more.

            YOUR TEXT

            Betano Live Betting

            The special experience for Betano live betting. The full security of the data is maintained here. keep the quality stakes. In real time here could possibly jump. So it is useful for live events to stay alert and watch his betting slip.

            When the goal with the team, that you have set a bad-looking betting slip, can quickly transform something positive. With live betting, betting slip or later can be added. All kinds of live bets you can live in the center of Betano. Those, who want to plan something in advance, can do this via the live calendar.

            If good you don't feel lucky give it, bet she has set to be able to save more with withdrawals. this means, that you cancel bet on live events during the season and are sold. You benefit, when cash out on bets.

            The bet of life is particularly interesting, das Live-Streaming hat. So you can experience the dynamics and set Betano betting slip when stopping or raising. More performance doesn't go away. Live betting can also be played with a Betano Street sports betting bonus.

            Betano betting odds

            YOUR TEXT

            Sports odds in Betano are very good at betting. In the game of the soccer Bundesliga round 96 Percent can be achieved. Even at home there is still 95 Prozent – der beste Preis, not in front of the other betting company, to actually hide it.

            However, it should be noted, that prices are lower, the event is less attractive, and the sport. For example, when the underdog sport just reached a course button about 90 percent. However, this is not the situation, who spoke against betting life in Betano, because this is a normal thing in the scene.

            Betano Sport Mobile App Betting

            Betano Sport offers its customers an independent application for download. It is available for Android and iOS. This original Betano application impresses with its graphical and intuitive operation. Who doesn't want to download these applications, Web applications can be used on the way to gambling.

            This is the Betano mobile website. Everything, what a player, Internet connection, Tablets or smartphones and browser-related must be. Betting fun trip standing there on the street.

            YOUR TEXT

            Operations website

            The site is just stupid. This makes operation easy. The selection of sports betting is completed with just a few clicks. We Betano experience have all the information, that you need to bet, it’s very easy to find. This applies, for example, to the conditions for the tax bonus or the subject of a bet. The latter is treated with the greatest possible transparency, know direct customers, what to expect.

            Betano betting support and help

            Support from Betano betting really convinced us. Starting with the live chat, which is not only available quickly, but also occupied by German employees. In addition, the staff was very friendly and competent. In tests Betano all questions were answered to our complete satisfaction. Including those, for them it seems at first glance that there is no answer on the website.

            YOUR TEXT

            Live chat is available daily from 9.00 to 01.00 Clock available. However, he was not the only way to contact Betano to get customer service. It is also possible to send email. You can contact the players directly, to send your email, but also the marketing department for the question.

            What we really liked, is the call back service. It will 10 served every day in time: 00-22: 00. The first freelancer will call customers back. To use this service, however, a player must be registered.

            Customer service perfectly complemented by the possibility, to contact the team via WhatsApp. Germany WhatsApp number +49176365270 80 can send a request via short message. Once again, that the next staff will take care of problems and questions. The answer comes back comfortably through WhatsApp. Here Betano underlines its presence as a top company in the betting industry.

            Betano scam test conclusion: bet Betano fraud or legitimate?

            YOUR TEXT

            Betano Betting is a leading provider of area betting. Players do not have to deal with rip-off or cheating, since this is not a problem with this bet. It is a valid game license from Schleswig-Holstein and Malta. We also met, that for honor, spoke all requirements tested bets.

            Aside from these problems, Betano sure through a wide variety of sports betting. a little exercise also served as the larger of the industry. Bonus from 100 Percent up to 100 Euro good, solid sales conditions are fair and appropriate. extraordinary measures for existing customers.

            excellent award won support, seems especially in live chat and call-back service. But support Betano via WhatsApp offers. Wide range of payment methods, with PayPal and trustly. The mobile area is impressive, because Betano sports betting players have the opportunity, downloading both native apps for iOS or Android for use and web applications. So all in all a safe and serious appearance Betano betting provider.

            YOUR TEXT


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